• Gepetto FLO DNA40

    Wer täglich dampft und keine Millionen hat, sollte hier gar nicht erst weiterlesen. Denn hier zeigen wir euch einen sehr seltenen Luxusmod von Gepetto, dem Star unter den «Modisten» - und der hat seinen stolzen Preis.

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    • LUX-0012
    Gepetto ist ein weltbekannter Mod-Künstler aus Polen, der sich im Verlauf der letzten Jahre... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Gepetto FLO DNA40"

    Gepetto ist ein weltbekannter Mod-Künstler aus Polen, der sich im Verlauf der letzten Jahre einen unglaublichen Ruf in der Szene aufgebaut hat. Seine Mods sind alles andere als Mainstream und kommen nur in exklusiven, kleinen Auflagen auf den Markt. Jedes Stück wird aufwändig in Handarbeit gefertigt und weil Gepetto sehr viel Liebe ins Detail und sein Produkt steckt, verfolgt er dessen Lebensweg genau. Diese Mods sind nicht einfach so online zu kaufen und gehen mehrheitlich gleich unter der Hand oder in ganz speziellen Insidergruppen weg – es ist für «Normalos» kaum möglich, einen solchen zu ergattern.

    Wir sind stolz darauf, mit Gepetto persönlich befreundet zu sein (wir wissen sogar, dass er schnarcht ;-) !) und deshalb eines dieser edlen Stücke anbieten zu können.

    Dieser Gepetto Flo ist aus edlem hell-gemasertem Holz entstanden und die Bilder davon sprechen für sich.














    Der Gepetto Flo kann ausschliesslich in unserem Ladengeschäft in Schlieren – nach eingehender Beratung – gekauft werden!


    Das sagt Gepetto zu seinem Flo:

    This is not an "Elite V2", this is not a V2.5 or a V3 - this is the new and improved Gepetto Flo ! I wanted to try to do something different, breaking away from the current trend of C-frame mods, huge, straight-edged blocks of wood and so on.For now I`ve used some of my Elite v2 elements and rearranged them to come up with this desing - I know that it might not be to everyones liking, I know that people will still want some Elites V2 so ...Due to the fact that these will consume way more time and that I won`t be able to produce as many of these as I do with Elites (which is still not enough to meet the demand - believe me, I know ) i will still continue making Elites. These will be a bit more rare, popping up every now and again in limited quantities.

    And yes, YOU CAN HATE IT OR LOVE IT – it’s a matter of taste.

    Review zum Gepetto Flo:

    Wer mehr über Gepetto erfahren will, kann hier ein Interview nachlesen


    An interview with Pawel Mikos, creator of gepetto box mods

    Beautifully designed and well-crafted with the highest end raw materials, the Gepetto Elite is the pinnacle of high-end mods. Perfect fit, finish and the best ergonomics we’ve experienced make the Gepetto Elite the most sought-after mod in the current high-end collector climate. We had a chance to sit down with Polish modder Pawel Mikos, creator of the gepetto box mod to get some insight on his journey into modding.

    Give us a little background on your modding journey.
    I’ve been vaping since 2009 with a break around 2010 – I was dissatisfied with the state of the gear at that point, all those cigalikes didn’t do it for me, and I got back to vaping around the time Ego-type batteries hit the market. Switched to a GLV v2 around 2011 and it went downhill from there—quickly accumulating a collection of different mods.

    Around April or May 2011 I got into modding—was forced into it in a way and I made some mods for myself and for my buddies. These were 5v “regulated” box mods that were supposed to be used with three Ohm cartos and carto tanks … those were good times.

    After that I moved slowly into the VV mods, started carving more intricate designs and was never fully satisfied with what I made – that made me push harder and come up with new designs.

    What is your vision behind gepetto mods?
    I want to stay small. Develop my designs, work on ergonomics and push it even further. I would like for people to be able to just look at my mods and say “yes, that’s a Gepetto—I’m sure of that.” To do that I need more original designs—I’ve got plenty of passion when it comes to what I do, just that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. It’s not just a job for me—vaping became my passion and I want to make mods for people who are as passionate about the hobby as I am.

    Your custom handmade and hand-painted Gepetto SLAPS are gorgeous! Is it safe to assume that you have a background in woodcarving or sculpture?
    No – I had to learn everything from scratch. Never worked with wood before I got into modding—I’m still learning and pushing my limits. There’s plenty I can still learn. From simple boxes, through “Art” series and S.L.A.P.S. to current Elites, Flo and #NoBox I’ve been honing my craft.

    Drip, clearo tank or genny?
    A good dripper, a nice genny and that’s all I need. I hate all the Kayfun-type tanks. They never appealed to me to be honest. Just need some mesh and a nice, flavorful dripper and I’m set.

    What is your daily setup?
    An Elite V2 with an In’Ax atty.

    What is your all-day vape (e-liquid)?
    I alternate Cashmere Houndstooth and Five Pawns “Grandmaster.”

    Who are some of your favorite modders?
    I don’t want to drop any names here, but I love every modder who pushes the boundaries, tries to experiment with form and materials. We need more innovation in this industry – hoping that we can all learn from one another and make even better products for the customer. When it comes to modders I don’t have much respect for, well … that’s a different story.

    Will you be attending any major trade shows or conventions this year?
    I may do Vape Expo in Paris, but I’m still not sure. My first trade show was Vape Summit 2015. That’s a lot of firsts this year – first plane journey, first trip to the states … hoping to attend more, but It’s not that easy with the family and all that.

    What is your favorite color?
    Depends. As far as clothes go – I’m leaning towards blacks and greys. Mods – natural wood is where it’s at for me. For other things – walls at home for example, warm colors.

    What does the future hold for Pawel and Gepetto mods?
    Time will tell. At the moment I’m focusing on perfecting my designs and constantly looking for inspiration. I don’t want to grow too big – I would love to stay off the radar a bit, to make mods for collectors and real enthusiasts. It’s all about the community for me building a better, smoke free future and having fun while I’m doing it.

    Thanks for your time, Pawel. We look forward to seeing the next unicorn come out of your workshop!

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